Сноуборд Head Force i. Kers Freestyle

Сноуборд Head Force i. Kers Freestyle

размери 153, 156, 159, 162 см


Модел – 2015

The FORCE i. KERS is a regular camber groomers board for progressive freestylers. This high-end directional twin, with inserts that are set back 1cm, also has the added pop and snap provided by Basalt and the KERS chip.

Shape: Twin Directional

Skill: expert

Camber: Camba

KERS технология – KERS означава система за възвръщане на кинетична
енергия и се управлява от чип интегриран в конструкцията на борда.
KERS технологията работи като турбокомпресор, който осигурява
допълнителна мощност и ускорение и увеличава силата на оттласкването
при излизането от завоя и влизането в следващия завой, както и
стабилност при приземяване от скокове.

The FORCE i. KERS is an intelligent all-mountain board for progressive freestylers. It features regular camber in a high-end directional twin shape, on which the bindings are set back 1cm. Intellifibers give the board a brain; invented by the US Army to give rigidity to helicopter rotor blades, in a snowboard they translate energy into responsiveness in the FORCE i. KERS. A KERS chip also harvests kinetic energy and transforms it into pop and snappy turns. Combined with the precision of regular camber this tech makes the FORCE i. KERS a board a true all-mountain slayer

Tester ratings: Friendliness: 5, Stiffness: 8, Edge Hold: 7, Pop: 7, Response: 8

Good For: Advanced freestylers wanting something they can push it on.


  • KERS, or Kinetic Energy Recovery System, is a technology that Head adopted from Formula 1.
  • Camba, Head’s take on regular camber, remains the profile of choice for more seasoned and skilful riders.
    Pro Board Architecture combines the strength and pop of Bamboo stringers, with the improved flex and weight saving qualities of 40mm Basalt and the stability of KERS.
    Twin Directional boards are part precision all-mountain riding tool and part park and pipe machine.
    Bamboo stringers run down the centre of our lightweight Poplar core, incorporating the inserts and delivering a solid, poppy ride with added strength.
  • Basalt fibres are stronger and lighter than regular fiberglass and less brittle than carbon.
  • Sintered Base
    Our Sintered base has great wax absorption and a dense molecular structure for unbeatable speed.

Length waist Contact radius Med. Stance Setback
144 23.7 114.0 7.0 52 1.0
149 24.0 115.4 7.4/22/7.4 54 1.0
153 24.5 117.7 7.5/21.5/7.5 56 1.0
156 25.0 120.3 7.8/22/7.8 58 1.0
159 25.3 124.0 7.9/22.5/7.9 60 1.0
162 25.5 127.0 8.0/24/8.0 60 1.0



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